HUNGRY Marlow school pupils indulged in some serious sandwich science last week as they scoffed their way to creating Subway recipes to go on sale to the public.

Year six at Burford School in Marlow Bottom took a trip to Subway on Spittal Street after owner Erol Ayvaz invited them in to learn more about what goes in to a healthy sandwich.

And after a frenzy of taste testing and calorie counting, staff came back to the classroom to help create and judge the winning designs, which will now go on sale in the Marlow store.

Mr Arvaz said: "I am very keen to get involved with the local community and the big frustration for me is that I used to be a really big lad.

We’re trying to educate kids about what they are actually eating - you have to know what is going into it. We have good options and bad but it’s about making educated choices.

"We showed them the process from start to finish and it was really good to see the sandwiches they came up with. It was chaos but great fun!

"It’s great for the community to see the local school’s sandwich on the menu. They were part of something that goes all the way to market and you don’t get to see that very often."

Mr Arvaz and his store manager Jason Bastic helped pupils pick the fillings and then come up with a name, design and even packaging ideas.

The winning design came from Dominic Bowers and Amann Bukhari, whose summery Barbeque Heaven design will now get its own place on the Subway menu board over the summer.

Pupils designing other top recipes will be given free sandwiches to enjoy during the summer holidays.

Teacher Sarah Williams said: "One of the modules we have to teach is design and technology involving food, and this makes it a bit of fun having our own Burford Subway.

"As well as food prep, safety and hygiene, there's nutirion and a bit of maths, creativity to come up with names and art creating the logos and packaging.

"It was a great extra-curricular activity."

Mr Arvaz, who also owns the Gerrards Cross and and Beaconsfield Subways, said he is now keen to take the idea to other schools in the area to help get kids eating healthily.