EAR specialists at Amersham Hospital will now be able to offer their patients a greater level of care due to a Scannappeal drive.

The first pieces of equipment have been delivered which were funded through The Sound Appeal, to provide advanced diagnostic equipment for patients with hearing problems.

The £50,000 appeal was launched last autumn by Countess Howe, one of Scannappeal’s Patrons, and has now passed the half way point.

Two new tympanometers have been delivered which are used to test the middle ear function.

Andrew Perriam, head of audiology at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, said: "Previously, patients would be required to attend an additional hospital visit at Stoke or Wycombe Hospitals in order for us to conduct further tests.

"Now, with one of the devices permanently situated at Amersham Hospital, our staff are able to conduct a full diagnostic assessment during a patient’s initial appointment.

"This supports staff to make a quicker and more efficient diagnosis as patients no longer have to wait for nor travel to a second appointment. The second device is portable, which enables our team to test patients that are home or bed bound in the comfort of their own homes, again reducing the need for patients to travel or wait for assessments.

"We are grateful to have this latest technology as we have been able to immediately enhance and improve the audiology service we provide to patients in Buckinghamshire and we look forward to improving the care we provide’.

Scannappeal still has another £25,000 to raise for The Sound Appeal at Amersham Hospital.

Further details can be found at www.scannappeal.org.uk or call 01494 734161 for an appeal leaflet.