THE economic case for HS2 is to be re-examined by members of the House of Lords.

The House's Economic Affairs Committee has announced it will hold an inquiry into the project's plans and could hold hearings as early as October.

Committee chairman Lord Hollick: "HS2 is likely to represent one of the biggest infrastructure investment programmes in the UK for decades. With over £50 billion of public money estimated to be spent it is vital that the public has confidence the project will produce real economic benefits.

"Our inquiry will attempt to get to the bottom of what the real economic impact of HS2 will be, who will benefit and who might lose out. We will find out whether the government has taken full account of all the economic considerations in setting out the case for HS2 and what the impact will be in different parts of the UK.

"Our inquiry and the report that we produce will be based on the evidence we receive. While we are not the right avenue for individuals who wish to comment on the impact of the proposed route on their property - that role will fall to the Hybrid Bill Committees of both Houses of Parliament - we are very interested to hear from anyone who can comment on the economic case for HS2 more broadly, We would invite written evidence to be sent to us by September 15."