FOR many people having your own front door, a lounge and a kitchen is a way of living you are accustomed to but for a set of residents in Chesham their modern care facilities have given them a new lease of life.

Care facilities in Bucks are quickly changing for the better according to residents who are now living in suitable accommodation tailored for their needs.

Bucks County Council said they are investing a significant amount of time, effort and capital into enhancing services for older and disabled people in Chesham and Amersham - with several new facilities being unveiled.

Two new care residential facilities were opened in 2012 with more expected in the next year, including a 62 bed-home in Cameron Road, Chesham, as part of ‘Project Care’.

A new day opportunities centre is also being developed in the same area.

However, one of the most impressive changes for residents in the district has been the new home facilities they use every day.

Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing Patricia Birchley said: "The Chiltern district is one of our key population areas, but we believe it was previously lacking in some provision in terms of support and care services.

"Chiltern is now a priority area for new health and care facilities and I am pleased that following the recent opening of key new services, we now look forward to providing further quality provision for our more vulnerable residents.

"We are tremendously excited by what’s happening now in the district. Much of this work, of course, is being carried out in conjunction with partner organisations, but we are delighted by the spread of new developments which should prove invaluable for our residents."

While on a tour of the new Freemantle Trust Supported living services in the area, residents of 'Hawthorne' and 'Whitebeam' homes, off Bellingdon Road, Chesham, said about how they enjoy their new spacious surroundings.

David Horrex, 60, moved into his new apartment in September 2012 and now lives like the Prime Minister, with his own number 10 door.

He said the difference between his new home and his last was the size and the staff.

For one of the first times in David’s life when he opens his front door he is greeted by a hall way, a bedroom, bathroom, lounge, where he can invite people around, and a kitchen.

Staff said the new facilities offer the perfect balance in allowing residents to have comfort and privacy in the knowledge help will always be there if they need it.