A HAZLEMERE author is celebrating the release of his second novel- a comic tale of an accommodating husband with an aversion to far-off away days.

Jeff Rozelaar decided to self publish this time after getting a book deal with The History Press for the first- Bacon and Bagels.

His second, The Reluctant Traveller, is a tale about Jeff's recent road trip to the West Coast, Canada and USA.

He is shown many of this world's attractions, but basically only yearns to be back in Bucks.

His wife, Sue, is very keen on seeing as much of the world as they can afford. But Jeff isn't so keen.

He said: "For the first decade I managed to confine her within the boundaries of the UK and road transfers.

"We didn't even cross the Irish Channel for over a decade.

"She managed to get me on an aeroplane in 1998 and I have gone on one ever since.

"I only have to hear something like the Malaysian Airline disaster and I have a panic."

The other reason he doesn't like travelling is because he loves Bucks.

He said: "I am a home bird- where we live has such a lot to offer.

"The Chiltern Hills, the River Thames and London in close proximity.

"There is a lot in our area for us to enjoy."

And he said as he nears his 70th birthday his age means he is quite happy to stay at home.

But Jeff said he can see how much the aviation industry has improved over the years and of course, appreciates his travels.

He is going on a Baltic cruise in a few weeks to Scandinavian capitals and St Petersburg.

His first novel, Bagels and Bacon, was set in the post-war East End.

Having grown up in the east end in 1950s London, his book told his story of living in a primarily Jewish community post-war.

Jeff has been in Bucks since 1971.

A former English teacher- he taught at the now defunct Wellesbourne School until 1987, when he switched to Sir William Ramsay School and was there until 2006.

He is semi retired and still teaches one to one.

The Reluctant Traveller is available to buy for £6.99 online.