A GROUP of women with mental health problems are fearful about the future of an NHS therapy service which they said is their last hope to get better.

A therapeutic community runs three days a week at the Tindal Centre in Aylesbury for adults in Bucks with personality disorders.

It is funded by three different groups but from 2015 one of these- the Department of Health- will cease funding.

The group has been left unsettled after a proposed move to a new purpose-built section at The Whiteleaf Centre across the road has been delayed - although other inpatient and outpatient services moved successfully.

An NHS spokesman said the delay came as some building works are currently being completed on the Wing Building, where the complex needs service will go.

Michelle, 29, from Aylesbury, said the group has been left in the Tindal Centre, which is shutting down around them, with no electricity and workmen traipsing through.

She attends the community group, where members support each other and carry out activities.

Prior to joining, patients attend 'getting ready' groups in three locations in Bucks. These help people reduce their medication and prepare them to go to the intensive therapeutic community. Michelle, who has been self harming since she was 15 and struggled with borderline personality disorder, said: "I have tried medication and other therapies. I feel like it is my last chance. I have got young children."

A 49-year-old High Wycombe resident who did not wish to be named and who attends the community said: "This is, for me, my last hope. I have gone down every therapy."

She said many other people have given up on her and added: "A lot of us have not been able to have a voice. We have been abused, put down, really not heard.

"Here, we have got a voice and what we say is heard."

Julie Hemsley, 39 from High Wycombe has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, OCD, post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Previously she has had years of medication and counselling but feels this is finally making a difference: "The encouragement from the group makes the difference.

"It gives me a reason to get off the medication."

Ginette, 58, from Buckingham has self harmed since her husband died and she said the group is helping her speak out for herself.

While Dinah Barton, 51 from Aylesbury, was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and said the group work has made an incredible difference.

Dinah said: "Before I came into the community I would sit in a room in isolation. I wouldn't want to go to the toilet, in case my housemate would see and come out and talk to me.

"It has really changed my life around so far but I am only seven months into an 18 month programme."

A spokesman for the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust said works will be completed by mid August and they have met with the group to discuss current issues with the Tindal Centre, which are now being addressed by facilities staff and operational management.

With regards to funding the spokesman said The Complex Needs Service in Bucks is currently funded by NHS Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group (Chiltern CCG), NHS Aylesbury Vale CCG (Aylesbury Vale CCG) and the Department of Health (DH). The DH will cease funding from 2015 with some reduced funding in the interim.

They added: "Chiltern CCG and Aylesbury Vale CCG do not currently plan to reduce their funding to the service but are working with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to agree the service model within the financial envelope which will be available next year and which will be less than currently available. The needs of people living with personality disorder are a priority for Chiltern CCG, Aylesbury Vale CCG and Oxford Health which provides the service. The organisations are working closely together to ensure that the service will reflect best practice and deliver good outcomes for people with personality disorder.

"Any changes to the way the service is provided will be informed by the views of current patients."

There is a petition on www.change.org. Search "Bucks Complex Needs".