SOME children presume the channel 5 children's TV presenters live in the television. So they will get a surprise at the end of this month when Jen Pringle and Derek Moran will be on stage in Aylesbury.

The presenters will be bringing the Milkshake! Live show to the Waterside Theatre, which includes 19 songs and lots of singing and dancing.

Jen told Freetime: "It is going to be even more upbeat than the last one- even more interactive and lots of singing and dancing.

"It is all about have a party."

Milkshake is aimed at children aged two to seven and is on channel 5 every morning.

The stage show focuses on the Milkshake Monkey as it is his birthday. But he thinks everyone has forgotten.

Little does he know, his friends are planning a surprise birthday party, with each character having their own part of the party to organise.

Jen said the show is very energetic and will have the audience up on their feet.

She said: "We usually do two kids shows a day- there is no need to go to the gym!

"It is a work out and a half.

"Hopefully the children will join in with us as well.

"It is a work out for them too, even though they don't know it.

"We want to get them up on their feet and adults too.

"We don't think it is like any other show. We want them to join in and have as much fun as we are having."

And even though some days she might not be feeling too energetic, she said the reaction from the audience gives her a buzz.

She said: "It is so nice to go all over the country and meet the people that watch our programme every morning.

"With the TV show it is only us in the studio and the camera and we don't get feedback. It is great to see the kids faces.

"It is like their own mini concert."

Jen also said it can be quite overwhelming for three-year-olds who come and see all their favourite character, especially as many believe they live in the television.

The parents have to explain who I am, she said.

Jen joined Milkshake in 2006 and in that time has also been heavily involved in both script writing and choreography.

During her degree in media and performance at Salford University, her final project was to find out what made a successful tv presenter. She made a show reel for the project and sent it out to the children's channels.

Milkshake got back in touch and she got a job as one of the main presenters on the show.

Jen said: "I wanted to be an actress until I was 11, and then I thought actually no, I want to be myself and be a children' TV presenter.

"I can't believe I can say that is what I am. I never take it for granted."

As well as presenting, Jen is also a voice artist; she stars as Teddy Lulu in the Bananas in Pyjamas, Wendy Witch and Jen Elf in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and she also narrates Milkshake Monkey.

She is also a trained drama teacher, which she said is always there to fall back on.

So what does Jen do in her spare time, if she has any? "I love baking. I haven't had much time to do it but I love baking cup cakes and carrot cakes.

"I am trying to perfect carrot cakes."

Milkshake! Live is at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on July 31 at 1pm. Tickets are £14 to £15.90, and a £2.85 booking fee applies to online and telephone bookings. Go to or call 0844 8717677.