JLS star JB Gill presented the awards to youngsters at the annual Active Gamerz championships.

Cedar Park Primary School secured its sixth title after seeing off 23 other schools, including a team from Juniper Hill Primary in the final held at Sir William Ramsay School.

The event - which sees youngsters compete against each other in active video games - featured performances from Britain's Got Talent semi-finalists Lauren and Terrell, and The Voice finalist Max Milner.

Active Gamerz’ Richard Tweed said: “Not only did we have great live performances the athletes played their part by giving high energy performances which was infectious to the watching audience.

“The determination and passion of the athletes is testament to the mindset of the club and how with the right intent any concept can be used to create responsible, hard working individuals.

“What made the evening even more special was that JLS Star JB Gill attended to hand out the awards to the winning schools.

“The memory of him sitting in the front row to watch the final will live with me for the rest of my life.”