NO decisions have been made about which sites could be developed for housing and employment space, a council has said.

Wycombe District Council invited ‘key stakeholders’ to a meeting last Tuesday to show them a presentation outlining the ‘headline findings’ from its public consultation on its mooted Local Plan.

But WDC stressed that no decisions had yet been taken about how the authority would transform that data in to a development plan.

The council said: “As part of the Local Plan options consultation work, we explored making use of what we refer to as 'reserve sites'.

“These pieces of land have been identified in previous plans as land which, if necessary, would be used to help us cater for future growth by providing space for some new home, jobs and amenities for local communities and are detailed in the leaflet we delivered to homes.

“Whilst no specific decisions for any of these reserve sites have been made by WDC, we have been upfront and transparent about the severe pressure we now face in putting together a Local Plan.

“We have also been very frank about the fact that, like every planning authority, we are required to have a robust five year housing supply.

“It is important to stress no decisions have been made and we will be discussing these issues further in more detail over the coming months.”

Residents, members of the Hands Off Gomm Valley Campaign group and Lib Dem district Cllr Paula Lee were back on the protest trail last week.

Cllr Lee said: “The figures show in the first five years up to 180 houses could be built on Gomm Valley, with provision for up to 700 more, plus businesses in the future.

“It really is a special area that needs to be protected.”

All local authorities have been told by the government to work out how many homes and jobs they require and plan how to meet that need.

Wycombe District Council said it may have to build between 500 and 700 new homes every 12 months to keep up with predicted growth.

WDC held an 11 week public consultation which started in February.

The options included the potential development of Green Belt land, building in areas such as Abbey Barn, Terriers Farm and Slate Meadow, and adding up to 2500 homes in Princes Risborough.