A HOSPICE charity had two collection tubs stolen this week.

The Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity had two collection tubs stolen from premises within Aylesbury including Budgens in Buckingham Park and Toys UK in Hale Leys in the last week – despite being secured with chains.
FNHC’s Lindsey Fealey, director of income generation, said: “Our collecting tubs raised £13,755.73 last year in funds which help support both in-patient services at the hospice and those provided at home, so stealing one of these is like taking away a patient’s care when they need it most.”
She added: “We are not alone in this as there have been other charities locally who have reported the theft of collecting tubs. We ensure all Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity tubs are secured with a chain, so the person or people who are responsible for this simply must know what they are doing and are using tools intending to cut or snap through the chain to take off with the tubs. We are currently asking both stores to go through CCTV in the hope of finding the culprits.”
If anyone has information about the missing collection tubs, call police on 101.