THIS weekend, an act from BBC1's The Voice will be performing for an audience on The Rye.

She is performing at Jazz In The Park on The Rye in High Wycombe on Sunday from 12pm.

Nomakhosi Nkosi, who starred on The Voice this year, will be performing on stage.

Nomakhosi hails from Flackwell Heath and at the moment is working part time at JD Sports in the Eden Shopping Centre.

She make it to the knockout stages on the singing show, and was in Team Kylie before being nabbed for Team

So what has she been up to since the show? "I have done a lot of shows here and there- a few community festivals and things like that.

"That has been really cool. I have been recording and I will soon be ready to release some songs."

She has been working with a producer called Jameel and hopes to release a single very soon.

Nomakhosi said: "I have always been into writing. I write a lot of lyrics. I have been working with him to get the right sound and making sure we are happy with what we want to put out."

She describes her music as soulful with a jazz style and said it is really clean.

She said: "People do recognise me as the girl from The Voice. I say no, that's not me, and my colleagues say yes she is!

"It is really nice. Some people are nervous to ask me but I am not going to bite."

And she said she is really happy people are getting to know her as an artist and what kind of music she sings.

Nomakhosi said: "On the show, we only sung covers. When I do my shows, I sing a lot of my own original stuff."

She said it was terrifying in the blind auditions for The Voice as it was completely silent before she started singing and could only hear her heart beating and her shoes clicking on the floor.

But added: "I really had fun. I really learned a lot from the show.

"You go into it thinking this is a great opportunity- it could kick start my career.

"But you have to open you eyes to if you don't win- what happens next?

"You need to learn as much as possible. I really did learn a lot about the industry."

But does she ever see Kylie Minogue or She said: "They are so busy. Obviously right now, they are in Australia doing The Voice over there.

"I think whatever happens in my musical career they will always be supportive of me."

Nomakhosi has a younger brother, eight, and sister, nine, and went to Sir William Ramsay School in Hazlemere.

She honed her skills singing at the Direct Touch Ministries Community Church based at the Holiday Inn at Handy Cross and also in the Street Dreams choir.

Nomakhosi said: "It is about the work you do afterwards, I just have to keep working and keep doing what I am doing.

"Soon enough, things will start happening. It is all about the work I put into it. I can't just sit back."

She is performing at Jazz In The Park on The Rye in High Wycombe on Sunday from 12pm.