A PARALYMPIC champion has pledged her support to a charity based in Marlow, which helps those affected by the same condition as her.

Six times world champion rower, Naomi Riches MBE, has become the first patron for IN-vision, based in Hillside Road.

The charity furthers research into Infantile Nystagmus (IN), which is a permanent, non-progressive condition causing involuntary oscillations of the eyes.

Naomi, who retired from rowing in 2013, has Nystagmus and cone dystrophy, and feels the role of patron for IN-vision is a wonderful way to help those who are affected by a condition she shares and understands.

She said: “When I found out about IN-vision I immediately wanted to get involved as I was diagnosed with Nystagmus when I was just a few months old.

“Infantile Nystagmus is surprisingly common yet not enough is known about it, how and why it happens, and how it will affect the lives of the people with the condition as well as those around them.

“Out of all the charities I work with this is definitely the one that is the most appropriate to me and being asked to be a patron is just so special.”

Through Naomi’s support it is hoped the charity will be able to raise the profile of the condition, so that it is more widely understood, both by those it impacts and those it doesn’t.

Liz Charter, chair of IN-vision, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Naomi Riches as patron of our charity.

“She is truly inspirational and one of the most energetic and positive people I have met. We hope that through her support we can encourage even more people to support our work in funding and promoting advances in research, to one day find a prevention or cure for the condition.”

For more information on the charity and its work, visit www.in-vision.org.uk. If you would like to get involved with the charity, volunteer or fundraise email info@in-vision.org.uk. To make a donation go to http://in-vision.org.uk/donate/