A FATHER who lost his young daughter when she was just 20 months old made his latest fundraising dash at the Wycombe Half Marathon on Sunday, to support the charity that helped his family through the tragedy.

Bryan Nye, 46, was running in memory of Mia, who died in 2005 from Epidermolysis Bullosa – a rare genetic condition that makes the skin fragile and prone to blisters, sores and open wounds.

Mr Nye started running just this year to raise funds for Debra, a charity dedicated to tackling the condition, which offered his family support during Mia’s illness.

So far he has run 22 5K park runs, the Marlow 5 and the Marlow FM 10K, with last Sundays run his greatest test so far.

He said that while it has been a tough road after his family’s devastating loss, his running has been a help.

Mr Nye, who is married to Maxine and has a six-year-old daughter, Freya, said: "I’m basically running for Mia – so I’m just keeping on running.

"I wanted to give something back (to Debra) – I want to do as much as I can. I hadn’t been able to get motivated for a long time.

"But by doing this, you get a sense of achievement and you get a sense of endorphins which make you feel good."

During Mia’s illness Mr and Mrs Nye gave up work to devote themselves to her care. They lanced and dressed the blisters that formed on her body and stayed with her in darkened rooms when her eyes needed to heal.

Mr Nye said: "At the end we just lay down with her and told her to go. I had my head on her chest and I just listened to her heart stop. It was heartbreaking, but we can’t feel sad. We did everything in our power to be the best possible parents."

Mr Nye will run the Great South Run in October and then plans to secure his place in the London Marathon – but he first needs to raise £2, 500 in sponsorship.

To support him go to www.justgiving.com/RunningforMia