MORE than 100 people met to celebrate the tenth anniversary of a social walk in Holmer Green.

The Holmer Green Simply Walks started ten years ago as an offshoot from Walk for Health to encourage people who rarely walked to adopt the habit and become fitter in the process.

It started with around ten members and has steadily grown and now has around 80 people meet every Monday morning.

There are three different walks of varying difficulty and they all meet back at the Baptist Church afterwards for refreshments.

Yesterday a celebration picnic was held after the regular walks.

Di Healy, who takes part in the walks, said: "Everybody is so friendly. It is a nice way to meet people and to get to know people.

"I worked and then when I retired it was nice to have some where like this to come to."

Pat Simmons, a health visitor, started the walk with her colleague, community staff nurse, Tricia Walmsley to provide a healthy excursion.

Rosemary Pennells, who is one of the walk leaders, said it is very inclusive and they welcome everybody along on the walks.

Walk leader, Elaine Barnwell, added: "It brings all these people together. We wouldn't have known half the people before."

Volunteers Jean Withal, David Markham, Margaret and Alex Weddell, who provide the refreshments each week, were recognised for their hard work yesterday.

Rita Springell, who takes part in the walks, said: "It is healthy and you feel safer- you can walk places where you might feel nervous by yourself."

Joyce Starkey added: "It saves you getting lost too. They are all lovely people and they are very friendly."

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