A TOWN council chairman offered to pay for the cost of a public meeting, following concerns raised that the correct procedure was not followed.

At last month's Princes Risborough Town Council meeting councillors discussed the protocol of arranging a public meeting.

The discussion was prompted after a public meeting was held on June 20 to discuss planning applications in Monks Risborough, but although advertised as being called by the town council, some councillors did not know about it.

At this week's town council meeting last night Cllr Alan Turner said he would pay the £25 cost of holding the meeting, as he called it due to a promise he made to residents some years ago.

But other councillors objected to this, as they said it was not his responsibility to pay.

The clerk, Susan Griffiths, said there was a budget in the council's finances to hold the meeting, and the finance committee had since agreed to pay for the meeting on June 20.

She said: "There are two types of meeting- town council meetings and town meetings.

"That wasn't a town council meeting, as there was no agenda and no clerk. I was there in the audience but not as part of the meeting.

"Anyone can hold or call a meeting."

She said the confusion arose as it was advertised as being hosted by the town council and the correct procedure wasn't followed.

Mrs Griffiths said in future if a councillor wants to hold a meeting, they need to go to the PR committee or hold a extraordinary meeting to get agreement, as there are costs involved.

Cllr Bill Bendyshe-Brown asked: "Who will pay for this, if it is not legal?" to which Cllr Turner responded: "I will pay for it, we are talking about something like £25."

Cllr Gary Hall said no one should pay for it as there was genuine public concern, and said it was legal as no one broke the law and police didn't attend.

Mrs Griffiths said no laws were broken as it was a town meeting, and not a town council meeting.