‘LIGHTS OUT’ is the message to all Marlow residents on Monday as veterans urge homes and businesses to light a candle as a vigil begins to mark a century since the First World War began.

The Royal British Legion in Marlow is backing a national campaign for households and business to turn out their lights between 10pm and 11pm on August 4 to coincide with the centenary of Britain’s declaration of war.

And the nationwide movement will see millions of homes light a single candle or bulb to remember the moment the country was drawn into the conflict.

The project echoes the words of Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary in 1914, who said of the eve of the war - "The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our life-time."

And a vigil will be held at the war memorial on the Causeway from 10pm, when Legion members, town councillors and members of the public will gather with a single light each for a period of reflection.

Royal British Legion branch chairman Shaun Murphy said: "It would be marvellous if the Businesses in Marlow could also join the Campaign and transform their appearance by turning out their lights, leaving a single light visible to the public.

"If buildings cannot go dark due to health and safety or any other reason, leaving a single light, prominently placed, will be just as inspirational."

"People can take part in whatever way they chose and with whatever thoughts they have about the moment that Britain joined the First World War one hundred years ago. The important thing is to use this period as a moment of reflection."

Lights Out is a headline project of the cultural programme 14-18 NOW initiated by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and forms part of the official commemorations of the centenary of the war.

A limited edition Centenary Candle is available from Marks and Spencers with any profit going to the Royal British Legion.

Marlow’s commemorations will be mirrored across South Bucks, with ceremonies and marches taking place this weekend throughout the area.