A FORMER Bucks Free Press journalist is eagerly awaiting the release of his second novel, inspired by his career in the media and the recent phone hacking scandals.

Wacko Hacko, was written at the time of the Leveson Inquiry in 2012 and author Nasser Hashmi, from Downley, said he can’t wait for it to be released.

He told Freetime that although life at tabloid newspapers have been covered in all forms over the last few years, his book touches on the dark side of the scandal.

Mr Hashmi said: "Tabloid newspapers are a huge part of our culture. This story takes a serious look at the industry and it is loosely-based on the phone hacking scandal.

"This is really different from my first novel, Season of Sid, which was more of a comedy following the first Asian footballer in the Premier League."

However, the story of Wacko Hacko follows tabloid reporter Jamie Parkes. He makes up stories, secretly listens to voicemails and uses material from the bins of celebrities and MPs.

But after one of his major stories is spiked by scheming editor Warren Fitton, he turns whistleblower to uncover phone hacking and corruption on his newspaper.

His whistleblower status turns into an epic battle for survival as the state, police and media hunt him down.

The Sunday Mirror sub editor turned novelist added: "Tabloids have become obsessed with celebrities especially in the era of the ‘noughties’ which this book was set in.

"We have heard in recent years that some journalists would do anything for a good story but Parkes turns against this and by doing so gets into dangerous territory.

"I actually wrote this novel in about five months all in longhand. There was a lot of material I had picked up from national newsrooms and also from the phone hacking scandal."

As well as working one day a week with the Sunday Mirror, Mr Hashmi, also looks after his two children Liyana and Mikail, while trying to find time to continue his blossoming new writing career.

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