A COUPLE celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary this week in the same road they have lived in for their entire married life.

Pete and Pat James married in the heavy rain and blustery wind 60 years ago but honoured the anniversary of their special day in glorious sunshine surrounded by their loved ones.

Mrs James was born in Marlow Road, Bisham Village 82 years ago, and after getting married on July 24, 1954, moved just a few doors down the road.

However, when they were expecting their first child, they swapped homes back with Pat’s parents and the couple have lived in the same house ever since.

The couple’s four children, Susan, Robin, Janet and Daniel will all join their parents for a special meal to honour the occasion.

Mr James, 80, said: “I don’t think there is any secret to a successful marriage as long as you love each other, we just take each day as it comes.

“I am actually her toy boy as she is two years older than me and when we first got married a few people said it wouldn’t last, but it looks like we have proved them wrong.

“We have been the same really, always had a laugh, we have never stopped laughing all these years.”

Mr James, a former service personnel and bricklayer, said he can still remember the wedding day.

He added: “We had the reception at the Bisham Village Hall and I remember the landlord of the Bull rolled down a barrel of beer for us.

“It is funny how things change now, you read about all these fancy expensive weddings.

“Our wedding cost £80 for everything, although Pat made all the bridesmaids dresses herself.”

Mrs James said: “I always regretted not making my own wedding dress too. After the wedding we had it altered so I could use it as a dancing dress.

“We always enjoyed dancing and that is how we first met, we used to go dancing almost every night.”

Two days after speaking to the Bucks Free Press the couple received a special letter from the Queen to commemorate their marriage.