CANDIDATES for two Beaconsfield town council seats have been nominated ahead of a by-election in two weeks time.

The election for a seat in the South and West ward is due to be held on Thursday, August 14.

This comes after two independent councillors resigned, having both moved away from the area over the last 12 months.

Their decision caused controversy with some of the council who said, had they waited until November, a by-election would not have been called as they were close enough to the next election.

The Mayor of Beaconsfield, Steve Jones, has said he still believes it was a shame the decision was made, with it potentially costing the council up to £10,000.

Cllr Jones said: “I do think it is regretful we need a by-election when we are not far off the next election in May.

“I suppose it is the cost of democracy but it seems a lot of money for the town which is effectively only about seven months away from the election.

“But, the team does always need new blood and enthusiasm from individuals to keep the process alive.”

Three candidates for each ward have now been nominated and are due to go head-to-head when residents go to the polling stations in two weeks time.

Nominated for the South ward is Frank Armstrong (Independent) from Hedgerley Lane, Paul Dreelan (UKIP) from Maxwell Road and Roy Foster (Conservative) of Candlemas Mead.

Currently representing that ward of Beaconsfield is Cllr Steve Jones and councillors Joy Legg, Alastair Pike and Deputy Mayor John Reed.

Nominated for the West ward is Patrick Robert John Hogan (Conservative) from Hampden Hill, Joanne Smalley (Independent) of Upper Riding and Graham Smith (UKIP) from Ledborough Lane.

Councillors currently operating in the West ward are Graham Corney, Ken Brown, Sandy Saunders and Sheila Mackintosh.