POLICE stopped more than 50 vehicles crossing the Marlow Bridge this week as they aimed to crackdown on people travelling in vehicles too heavy for the road.

In just two hours on Tuesday, July 22, police issued 19 tickets to vehicles which were over the three tonne weight limit.

Officers at the scene also stopped 33 other vehicles which were on the cusp of the limit and gave them advice about the correct weights, before asking them to turn around and go in the other direction.

Inspector Scott Messenger said: “We have done two things like this in the last couple of months.

“The first initiative was a crime reduction operation using the mobile ANPR cameras.

“The aim of this was to use intelligence to stop criminals from Slough and Maidenhead and extend the hand of friendship and say they are not welcome in Marlow.

“However, yesterday was useful to monitor the weight of vehicles travelling over the bridge, with a weight limit currently set at three tonnes.”

Inspector Messenger was speaking about the bridge operation at a Marlow Community Forum this week.

While discussing the police involvement he agreed with a number of others that increasing the weight limit to 3.5 tonnes may be a preferable option and could easily be self-policed.

The issues were being discussed in a bid to stop heavy vehicles causing structural damage to the bridge.

Inspector Messenger added: “What many people didn’t realise is a lot of big 4x4 type cars are very close to that three tonne marker.

“However, some vehicles which exceed 3.5 tonnes often don’t travel on the bridge because it is quite narrow and they often are too big.”

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