NO further action will be taken against three women accused of an attempted abduction of a young girl in High Wycombe yesterday.

The incident occurred at Sainsbury’s branch in Oxford Road at about 3.40pm yesterday.

A woman was shopping in the store with her two-year-old son and ten-month-old daughter, who were both sitting in her trolley.

Three women approached the woman and asked her how old her children were.

One of the women then lifted the girl from the trolley and walked a short distance away before the girl’s mother took hold of her daughter and called the police.

The girl was not injured during the incident.

Thames Valley Police spokesman James Williams said: "Police officers have spoken to the three women involved and the mother of the girl, and it would appear there has been a misunderstanding between the women and mother.

"The women were not arrested in connection with the incident. No further action will be taken against the women."