PRODUCERS of a traffic documentary currently being filmed in Marlow are launching a campaign to get residents out of their cars for a day.

They are asking Marlow drivers to leave their cars at home for one day on Thursday, February 1.

If the day is a success they hope to convince people to choose one day each week as their car-free day.

Helen Simpson, Silver River TV producer and director, said: "We are launching a campaign to get people out of their cars. It's not an anti-car thing. We just want one day when everyone gets out of their cars for the day and then go forward from there to get people to not use their cars on one day of each week.

"In theory that should mean a 20 per cent reduction which is the exact effect you get during the school holidays. We need to change people's behaviour.

"We're not just coming to Marlow to make a television programme about a gimmick car day, but really trying to change things and make a difference on a national scale. We're looking for ideas about how to make it work."

Andy Rackstraw, who owns Saddle Safari, is getting involved in the scheme. He said: "We're helping to produce maps of Marlow showing suggested safe places to walk and cycle. On the day we will make the courtyard outside our shops a secure area with bike racks which we will police.

"If people have bikes that haven't been used for a while we will check them over free of charge to make sure they are safe."

Mr Rackstraw said his business is also considering lending bikes to Globe Park industrial estate workers for the one day non-car trial.

But MP for Marlow, Paul Goodman said: "We can't get away from the fact Marlow is a reasonably small and reasonably wealthy town.

"This means that the number of cars that people own rises. It's a good thing in principle if more people cycle, but I'm very reluctant to start telling people how they should travel around."