A TOT who is mad about mayonnaise received an exclusive Christmas present from the brand with which he has become obsessed.

Little Oliver Walker, aged three, loves the Hellmann's logo so much that he even makes his mum stop in the supermarket so he can gaze at the jars.

Oliver, of The Spinney, Beaconsfield, amused mum, Nicola, who phoned Hellmann's before Christmas to see if the company could do something special for his rare interest.

The company replied by saying that it would happily give Oliver his own T-shirt and also posted the chirpy toddler a teddy-bear wearing an identical T-shirt.

Mrs Walker, 35, said: "He is just over the moon about it.

"He will sit and look at mayonnaise in the fridge - he just loves mayonnaise and they really went out their way to get him a Christmas present."

Oliver attends Oakwood Nursery School in Station Road and has two brothers, Thomas, 6, and Charlie, 1.