A DAD who felt thrown in the deep end after his first baby was born gave up his job and created an app to offer tips and advice to new dads.

Dave Burton, 32, from Chalfont St Peter and his wife, Sam had their first daughter, Mia just over two years ago.

But Dave said he felt completely lost and as if he hadn’t been properly briefed.

He said: "The thing is, in pregnancy it kind of goes like this. You go, ‘Let’s try for a baby.’ Then you are nervous and think, ‘Am I going to make my wife pregnant?’ "It happens after a few weeks and you feel quite manly and think: 'I am potent and can create children.'

"You don’t really do anything for the next nine months except be supportive and do the odd back massage and foot massage.

"Then when the contractions started Sam turned to me and said, ‘Shall we go to hospital?’ "In my head I am thinking, ‘I don’t know!’ Then you go through labour and I think we all know it is pretty bad. I was really shell shocked from a bloke’s point of view at how long it took and how much pain she was in, and how little I could do about it.

"Then we got the baby and we didn’t have a clue what to do with it. Parenting groups talk about labour but there isn’t much about what happens afterwards."

He said he felt very overwhelmed with issues like how to help his wife breastfeed.

When he started to share tips with other dads from his parenting group, he found it really helped him.

The more he thought about it, he decided he would like to release an app for dads to read on their phone- perhaps on their commute to work.

Dave said: "I feel really passionate about this. I gave up my job. I set up my studio at home. Every single photo you see I took them.

"I opened it up on social media and got a good response from that.

"Every tip on there isn’t just from me- they are a collection of different dads."

He gave up his job in advertising in London when Sam was pregnant with their second child, William, who is seven months old now.

Sam has been very supportive. They had always had plans to take a sabbatical and go travelling so now that won’t be able to go ahead with two children in tow, he thought it would be a good time to take time out.

He added: "I guess sometimes you have to follow your passion."

Other opportunities have now come up due to the app, and he is looking at developing further apps.

Dave added: "I quickly realised that each baby is different, and each dad is different.

"One size size doesn’t fit all. So I wanted to create a pool of advice that new dads could quickly dip in and out of, depending on the specific situation they were in."

Quick Tips For New Dads is available to download from the iTunes App store for £1.50. Go to www.quicktipsfornewdads.com.