FOLLOWING the resignations of two Beaconsfield Town Councillors, voters will go to the polls next week to decide who should fill vacant seats in the South and West ward.

Below we take a look at the nominated candidates for both areas.

     South ward by-election candidates:

Frank Armstrong (Independent)

A FORMER Beaconsfield Town Councillor, Mr Armstrong has lived in the Old Town for more than 30 years.

He was elected to the council in 2007 but because of ill health he decided not to stand for a second term in 2011, although he says he is now well enough to serve the town again.

He has been involved in many Beaconsfield groups including, the Royal British Legion, Beaconsfield Lions, Community Association and the Old Town Residents Association.

Paul Dreelan (UKIP)

A YOUTH leader for more than 20 years and a Bucks resident for his whole life, Mr Dreelan is aiming to put the interests of his constituents first.

He says he will work tirelessly for the community and will not be afraid to act in residents interests.

Amongst other aims he said he will fight for money for local services and will lobby district and county councils to act in your interests.

Roy Foster (Conservative)

A TOWN resident for almost three decades, Mr Foster says he would like the town council to pay a greater role in the future of Beaconsfield.

This Conservative candidate still works on his own small business but has always had an interest in local government.

He says he wants to preserve the best aspects of the Old Town and is especially keen to ensure there is adequate parking for residents.

     West ward by-election candidates:

Joanne Smalley (Independent)

THE daughter of a former Beaconsfield Mayor, Ms Smalley is the by-elections only nominated female candidate.

She says national party politics has no relevance at this level and decisions should be made by people who put Beaconsfield issues first.

The Beaconsfield resident says she is concerned that the town council have been detached from genuine issues which are important to residents.

The Holtspur Nature Reserve and Beaconsfield Society are initiatives Ms Smalley would support.

Graham Smith (UKIP)

A MAYOR of Beaconsfield in 2002/ 03, Mr Smith is vowing to speak ‘up for all sectors of the community’.

Having lived in Beaconsfield for more than 20 years he says he cares about the town and south Bucks and says he is not afraid to make waves within the council.

In particular he says he will oppose HS2 and will focus on the community and not a political career.

Patrick Hogan (Conservative)

A RETIRED Chartered Architect Mr Hogan is keen to work alongside the council for the benefit of people in Beaconsfield.

He says he was pleased to see the addition of new road humps in Holtspur Top Lane and wants to work to help transform Holtspur Park.

The town resident is a former chairman of Hampden Hill Society, which seeks to preserve the uniquely designed homes in that area and the green.