A LONG-AWAITED solution has been agreed for High Wycombe’s Abbey Way Flyover, with works set to begin this month to give the beleagured road another 20 years' shelf life.

Structural improvements and resurfacing work – dubbed a “good, affordable short term solution” -will begin on August 18, following lane closures on the concrete structure lasting over a year.

After deciding the side walls of the four-lane stretch were not strong enough to withstand a collision, Transport for Buckinghamshire has decided the road will remain one lane on the eastbound stretch.

Transport bosses say the work - installing safety barriers, new high kerbs, and resurfacing – will give the flyover another two decades of life.

TfB says the improvements take into account future developments in the High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan.

Since being closed since inspections began last May, Lily’s Walk will reopen to two way traffic once the work has been completed in October.

And the improvements will prevent some of the problems with water leakage through the structure.

Mark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Transport said longer term plans to improve High Wycombe town centre meant expensive over-investment in a structure with a limited lifespan was not a viable solution.

Therefore he insisted the planned work was a good, affordable short-term solution and would improve the immediate situation.

He said: “It has taken some time to develop a satisfactory programme to guarantee the safety of road users using the flyover, while ensuring we aren't wasting money on a structure with a limited life.

“I am happy that we have reached a suitable outcome and look forward to the work being complete in October.

“I apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused up till now, and through the forthcoming works. Hopefully we will be able to keep a relatively free-flowing road throughout the day time works. There may be some disruption to road users overnight on occasions."

With the implementation of the High Wycombe Masterplan beginning this year, the flyover could eventually be knocked down as the road system is diverted around the town centre.

Works comprise the following:

Abbey Way - eastbound: A semi-permanent barrier will be installed, closing lane one permanently. Lane two will be resurfaced and lane one will undergo a 'slurry seal' thin layer surface treatment to reduce water penetration.

Abbey Way - westbound: High containment ‘Trief’ kerbing will be installed along key lengths to protect the weak parapet and lane one and two resurfaced. The safety barrier will be extended.

Lily’s Walk: The traffic signals will be reinstated. High containment ‘Trief’ kerbing will be installed along both sides to protect the weak parapets and the carriageway resurfaced.