A COURT has rejected a Judicial Review challenge against HS2 - leading to a transport boss telling campaigners "not to waste money on costly and fruitless court cases".

The Amersham-based HS2 Action Alliance brought a case against HS2 Ltd to court along with Hillingdon Council, claiming the company behind the controversial scheme should have carried out a Strategic Environmental Assessment as part of the project.

But their case was dismissed by a judge at the High Court on Wednesday, August 6.

A previous court hearing found in favour of HS2 Ltd and the Department for Transport on nine out of ten claims brought forward by campaigners.

Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said after Wednesday's judgment: "The High Court has once again dismissed a Judicial Review in respect of HS2.

"I invite interested groups to work with us through the Parliamentary process on making HS2 the very best it can be, and not to waste money on costly and fruitless court cases.

"The project had a huge vote of support in Parliament, recognising the importance of HS2 for the long term economy of the country. It will provide jobs, skills and free up space on our congested network for more trains and more passengers."

In a statement the groups which brought the case to court said: "Hillingdon Council and HS2AA are disappointed that the High Court has dismissed their judicial review claim.

"The Safeguarding Directions issued by the government have not been subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment, as required by European Law, and the judicial system, which is supposed to enforce this law in a consistent manner has, once again, allowed the government to treat itself as a special case, regardless of the environmental harm which will be caused by its failure to observe its legal obligations."