INCONSIDERATE drivers would be less likely to park on double yellow lines if the grace time for a new parking system in Bourne End was longer than 10 minutes, an important public figure claimed.

A new Automatic Number Plate Recognition system is currently being implemented in Wakeman Road car park, in Bourne End, with the system planned to go live in September.

The chairman of the village residents association, Jim Penfold, thinks the ANPR system is good, but claims if the 10 minute grace period (which is free for drivers) was longer, less people would consider parking illegally next to the Co-operative store on the same road.

He said: “I think most people in the area are alright with the new system, but I would say the biggest bugbear for everyone is people parking on double yellow lines outside the Co-op.

“I am not sure if it would make a complete difference, but if the 10 minute grace was extended to maybe 20 minutes, half an hour, people might stop parking dangerously and illegally.

“I know it doesn’t cost too much for an hour but it would put people off shopping as it does take more than 10 minutes to quickly go in the shop and do your shopping.”

Wakeman Road car park is one of many car parks across the district to be changed over to the new system by Wycombe District Council.

WDC spokesman Sue Robinson said: “We allow a reasonable time for people to find a space to park, get organised and also to use recycling facilities.

“We do charge for parking time beyond this. We haven’t changed our parking tariffs but it could be considered at our next annual review.”

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