A PHOTO has gone viral on the Risborough Countryside's Facebook page showing a former mayor holding a placard saying "We are mad for it".

The tongue-in-cheek mock-up is from an original photo taken outside the former Princes Risborough Royal British Legion Memorial Hall in Bell Street.

It was a protest against the building being sold off by the RBL's HQ, which has still left the branch homeless.

It was sold in 2011 to the Chilterns Christian Fellowship and is now known as The Elim Oasis Centre.

Playing on the word, Oasis, the michieveous photo-shopper has changed the signs to depict slogans in support of the band, Oasis.

Pictures of Noel and Liam Gallagher are adorning the memorial hall walls and other placards now read, "I love Liam" and "I love Noel."

Town councillor Gary Hall said: "I personally think it's very satirical and shows humour while not forgetting the very serious side of the controversial fate of the building and it keeps the campaign in the public eye while showing some well known local people including ex-mayor Eunice Clifford holding some extremely unlikely placards."