TOWN councillors say they can do a better job of cutting grass than their county counterparts - but say they won't take over doing it until at least April 2016.

At the moment maintaining and cutting grass is the responsibility of Buckinghamshire County Council, but the authority is looking to offload it onto town and parish councils.

Members of Chesham Town Council said at a meeting last night they wanted to take on grass cutting but weren't in a position to be able to do so at the moment.

The county council are hoping the lower tier authorities will be able to take over responsibility in April next year.

But Chesham's town clerk Bill Richards said at the meeting: "The county's proposals are so vague I wouldn't be comfortable taking them up.

"We need further discussions. We need to look at the principle but I would be very reluctant to commit my officers headlong from April 2015."

Councillors said they were in favour of the principle however.

Cllr Alan Bacon said: "County wants to get rid of it - that's fairly clear. They are reducing the funding, whether they do it themselves or hand it down to us.

"There have been endless complaints about grass cutting ever since I've been a councillor."

Cllr Peter Hudson added: "We would be able to do a better job. We know the hotspots, we can react in a more responsive fashion when the are local events going on. We have the option after four years to hand it back to the county.

"We don't have sufficient staffing but this is an ideal opportunity to bring apprentices in for the four years we need them.

"I often hear lots of talk that the county don't do a good enough job and don't cut the grass enough. This is a chance to make a change and do a better job. It would be foolish to reject this completely. We should say we are interested in discussing this further at this stage."

Members agreed to review the situation again after the next town council elections in a year's time, with a view to taking over the contract from April 2016.