A DOG attacked a retired woman last week as she was walking home, forcing her to be admitted to hospital, and she now says she is worried it could injure again.

Anne Shayler, from Seeleys Road, in Beaconsfield, was walking home from a nearby supermarket when the dog, which was on a lead, lunged for her leg.

The lady was left in shock and when she confronted the pet’s owner, he reportedly offered her a small amount of money for her ripped trousers, and walked away.

Mrs Shayler said: “My main concern is what if this happens again? Had I been walking with my granddaughter it would have been at face height, it isn’t worth thinking about what could have happened.

“(At the time) I was in such shock. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I was walking home from Waitrose on the Penn Road and I was going past the dog and the walker and it suddenly just went for my leg.

“It sank its teeth right into me and ripped all the bottom of my trousers. I have never been scared of dogs and I couldn’t believe it could do that completely unprovoked.

“I said to the man walking the dog ‘it has just bit me’, he said he knew and after talking he offered to pay me £10 for my trousers and walked off.”

After the attack she was approached by two other shoppers, who saw the man walking away, Mrs Shayler tried to follow but she said he disappeared around Seeleys estate.

She added: “I had to go to the hospital to have it all cleaned up and make sure I was okay, I have had to go back since and have also had to make two trips to my doctors.

“Since it bit me, I have been around the area with my husband to see if we could see him, but we cannot find him.”

Mrs Shayler had reported the incident to police officers and they are now looking for witnesses.

She described the walker as someone in his 60s, with a peak cap and silver hair. He was reportedly wearing an emerald green t-shirt and dark trousers.

The dog itself is believed to have been similar to a Spaniel, which was of a greying colour.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who had information should contact police on 101.