A BUSINESS-LED campaign to raise £25, 000 for a crowdfunded study into the pros and cons of creating a unitary authority in the county – a move that some estimate could save £25million a year of public money - has met with success.

Two months after Buckinghamshire Business First, which is dedicated to improving the conditions for businesses in the county, launched its bid for donations it has now announced it has met its target.

It will now commission an independent assessment to review the current organisation of local government. Philippa Batting, Managing Director of Buckinghamshire Business First, said: "We’re delighted that this initiative has been so well supported throughout the county, proving that crowdfunding can maximise community impact. All of the support and publicity has continued to drive the debate on improving the impact of local government.

"Reviewing the structure of local government will help shape the future for our county and help ensure the best use of increasingly limited funds and resources. This does not underestimate by any means the hard work of Councillors or the current staff in our Local Authorities. Our focus is to ensure that the county has the most effective local government structure for its future sustainability."

To find out more about the campaign, please visit: https://www.make-a-donation.org/campaign/cutting-the-cost-of-local-government