AN online flash mob is aiming to raise awareness of sexual exploitation across Bucks at the start of next month.

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children's Board is calling for people to join them to raise awareness of sexual exploitation across social media with a 'thunderclap' on September 1.

A thunderclap is a tool that amplifies a message when people say it together online. By joining the Thunderclap people can share the same message at the same time, spreading it through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

To take part, sign up with your twitter, facebook and tumblr accounts and then share with your friends to get them to sign up too.

The BSCB warns it is not always easy to spot the signs. Young people don't usually come straight out and tell us when something is upsetting them and they may not even realise they are being exploited.

Child sexual exploitation is a form of sexual abuse in which a young person is manipulated or forced into taking part in a sexual act, often in return for attention, affection, gifts, money, drugs, alcohol or accommodation.

What you think is normal teenage behaviour could be something more. Knowing how to spot the signs can help to raise the alarm:

• Unexplained gifts

• New friends, boyfriend, girlfriend

• Missing school

• Staying out late/not coming home

• Always online

• Moody, withdrawn or more secretive than usual To take part in the 'thunderclap' visit and click to support via twitter, facebook or tumblr or all three.

If you support via twitter or facebook you will be asked to enter your login ID and password. You then have the option of personalising your tweet/post or just sticking with the pre-prepared campaign tweet. This takes around 30 seconds.

• Tweet/ post you’re link the link to the thunderclap to your twitter followers/ facebook friends and ask them to join in too For more information on the campaign and what to do if you are concerned about a young person, visit