PRINCES Risborough Town Council has agreed to accept devolved services from the county council, which will involve extra grass cutting duties.

Councillors have agreed to accept the offer of devolved services from Buckinghamshire County Council on an initial one year contract basis.

This means the town council will be able to carry out more urban grass cuts, weed spraying, hedge cutting and cleaning of traffic signs, among other duties.

The county council is offering devolved services to parishes and towns in the county, following a disastrous year of complaints about grass cutting.

They reduced grass cuts from ten to six and were also delayed, which left overgrown verges and unhappy residents.

The number of grass cuts will now be set by the town council within the 30 mph boundary.

BCC is asking parishes and town councils to form a cluster.

Other parish councils in the area are invited to a meeting on September 2 at 7.30pm at The Princes Centre to discuss joining PRTC's hub.

Cllr Bill Bendyshe-Brown will now look for funding from BCC for this financial year for equipment purchase and staff training.

The council agreed to hire the main grass cutting equipment but buy one strimmer and one blower to a maximum budget of £800.

There will be maintenance fee charge of £20 per hour per operative for other councils.