RESIDENTS will be able to chat to scientists at The Natural History Museum in Tring next month at a special one night event.

The popular museum will open its doors for Science Uncovered, a free event for adults on September 26.

Visitors can meet the museum's world leading scientists, discover the weird and wonderful world of Walter Rothschild’s zoological collection, and enjoy a drink with friends in the museum after dark.

Scientists will talk about the important work that goes on behind the scenes every day, including their research on one of the largest bird collections in the world.

On show will be rare specimens that are not usually on public display and curators and researchers will be on hand to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding these specimens, highlighting how they are contributing to vital research today.

Following the success of last year’s event, this year’s Science Uncovered will be even bigger. Alongside tours, talks and science stations at the museum, there will also be talks and presentations streamed live from the Science Uncovered event at the Natural History Museum in London.

Highlights of the evening include talks and presentations from their scientists, on subjects including the extinction of the Passenger pigeon, the history and key research of the national collection of birds’ eggs, and the significance and scale of Rothschild’s unknown collection.

Find out how their internationally important library is used by curators, scientists and researchers from all over the world and learn about taxidermy- find out what it takes to produce scientifically accurate specimens of now extinct animals.

Science Uncovered is part of European Researchers' Night, when institutions in over 360 cities across Europe open their doors and reveal how science research is exciting, fun and vital to our daily lives.

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