CONCERNED councillors have spoken out about a proposal to build a motorway junction in Flackwell Heath, and they now hope to put the brakes on any future development.

Wycombe District Council held a meeting at Bucks New University last week to discuss the early stages of plans to build a new M40 junction 3a.

The plan was formed as part of the WDC Local Plan and they have suggested it would be built either on Spring Lane or Abbey Barn Lane.

Julia Wassell, who represents the Bowerdean Ward for the East Wycombe Independent Group, said: “We do not accept some of the basic assumptions that were stated last night (Wednesday, August 20).

“Junction 3 is increasingly dangerous and needs major investment. The tailback on exit Eastbound is causing accidents. East Wycombe deserves better than two incomplete junctions.

“The idea that major companies will invest or relocate to Flackwell Heath with a M40 junction that connects westbound only is ludicrous.

“A proper strategic plan is required for East Wycombe.”

Former Mayor of High Wycombe and councillor for Ryemead, Trevor Snaith, has also voiced his concern by saying plans would only add to congestion in the town.

He said: “They dumped most of Wycombe developments in east Wycombe, they are dumping the reserved sites on east Wycombe.

“They are now considering dumping more congestion on us with J3a – they need to put the brakes on now.”

During last week’s meeting, members of WDC and Bucks County Council planning team attempted to dispel fears.

BCC Senior Manager for Place, Stephen Walford, said: “At the moment traffic is a problem and we are looking at every option available to see what we can do so new business areas are introduced and infrastructure is sustainable.

“As has been said, this is very much just a proposal and we are welcoming feedback because we need to look at our options.

“What I can say is a new junction 3a is still very far off from actually happening, there are still many hurdles we need to go over before we can consider doing this.”