A POTENTIAL development of 400 homes on a farm in High Wycombe has received mixed reactions from residents who fought the last threat to the land seven year ago.

Terriers Farm, near Kingshill Road, is one of the five reserve sites across the region which Wycombe District Council have proposed to release to developers.

In their Local Plan, which outlines plans for the reserve sites, Terriers Farm was mooted as a possible area for 400 homes as well as a park and ride site.

During a briefing meeting about the proposal, members of the WDC planning team outlined their need to match a five-year land supply of between 500 and 700 homes every year.

Council workers also asked residents to work alongside them to ensure developments are right for their surrounding area.

The Chairman of the Brands Hill Residents Association, Richard Atkinson, says he thinks it is now time to work with WDC.

After attending the meeting, Dr Atkinson said: “The dilemma is they have a certain amount of homes they need to build every year and if they cannot reach that demand their hand could be forced when developers come along and dictate where they want to build.

“In that sense, I think it was good to hear that we can work alongside the council in little groups for each area to ensure we get the best results.”

However, he admits concerns over the development and the need for new infrastructure still exist.

He said: “Of course we do still have concerns in ensuring that Hazlemere and High Wycombe aren’t just joined up and we would want to work closely on the details of the development.

“I think now we need to look at how we can make sure the right infrastructure and development is put in, there has also been talk of a park and ride which needs addressing.”

He added we don’t necessarily feel a park and ride is right for the area and the need for new infrastructure is still key.