FREEMASONS based in Marlow have pledged to make the town a brighter place after agreeing to fund, install and maintain a high-profile visitor area.

The charity-minded group has completely remodelled the large riverside area by Marlow Bridge in front of Tierney Court, which receives thousands of tourists every month.

The Tierney Court Garden Project will now be maintained by the Freemasons, who meet as 21 different lodges at the Marlow Masonic Centre on St Peter Street.

The head of Marlow and Bucks Freemasons, Gordon Robertson, said: “Freemasonry is all about friendship, decency, and charity, so we couldn’t think of a more deserving cause than making sure Marlow stays a great place to live, work, and bring up children.”

Members joined Marlow Mayor Suzanne Brown and deputy Mayor Bob Johnson – who is himself a Mason – at the spot by the river after the completion of the project last week.