SHOPPERS and residents stuck in a town centre car park this morning after a serious traffic incident have been freed when police and firefighters collaborated to cut down a bollard and open an access road.

Liston Road and Chapel Street have been closed since around 11am after an elderly woman pedestrian was involved in a collision with a car and was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries.

Readers reported that dozens of cars have been trapped in Liston Road, a dead-end, since this morning.

But police officers told the BFP that most vehicles have been filtered out of the car park after firefighters cut down a bollard on nearby Morris Place to allow cars in an out.

And a motorist who was in the car park at the time said the fire service were greeted huge cheers after removing the hydraulic post to get the car park cleared.

Sgt Robin Hughes of Marlow police said: “The good news is the fire brigade came out and removed the bollard and free the traffic and it’s flowing more easily now.

“We are grateful that they have come out and they have done a great job.”

He also praised Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, who have been providing food and drink to those stranded after the crash.

And police escorted an elderly woman home after she became distressed when her vehicle became trapped in the car park.

Police say they expect Chapel Street to re-open shortly, allowing vehicles to pass through Marlow town centre.