After four sold-out seasons at London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, the remarkable Cirque Berserk is now embarking on a nationwide tour, stopping off at the Wycombe Swan until Wednesday.

The show was very clever, bringing together a range of highly skilled people from across the globe and packs their incredible talent into one breathtaking show with music, fire and strobe lighting.

With a troupe of over thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, musicians, there is plenty to keep the audience who are expecting a traditional circus happy.

It was silly, stunning and gripping all at the same time. The show has everything you could want from a modern-day circus; aerobats, dancers, contortionists, knife-throwing as well as death-defying stunts and even a huge robot.

It wouldn’t be a circus without a clown, and award-winning comic Tweedy brings some light relief in between what can be some tense, nail-biting moments. His silly, slapstick comedy had children and adults alike laughing.

A tip for people in the front row, prepare to get involved with the show as Tweedy calls on unsuspecting audience members to help him with certain stunts.  

The Tropicana Troupe were my favourite part of the show. The talented Cuban crew expertly catapult themselves into the air, somersaulting onto chairs and mats in an incredibly complicated manoeuvre, which left the audience gasping in amazement.

I was on the edge of my seat for most of the show, but I watched Toni the Czech knife thrower hurl knives and axes at his wife who was attached to a spinning board through my fingertips.  

Mongolian contortionist Odka expertly shot a bow and arrow with her toes while doing a headstand and Bolas Argentinas left me stunned with their expert handling of flaming deadly weapons.

The strength and agility of all the performers was stunning, especially Due Benelo, made up of Benjamin and Elodie, who even made a head to head balance look completely effortless.

Everyone involved is incredibly talented at what they do, but perhaps the most thrilling part was the globe of terror.

The death-defying stunt is a wonderful climax to the exhilarating show and leaves you on the edge of your seat as you watch four motorbikes speed around a relatively small steel cage at up to 60mph.

The whole show was fast paced and incredibly exciting. You have no time to be bored because there is so much packed in and it’s a pleasure to watch such talented people give it their all.

The show also worked perfectly well on the stage, which is surprising considering they have to set up and get used to a new theatre every few days.

Overall, it was dangerous, exhilarating and extreme and left your heart racing with excitement. I could watch the whole show again and still be as shocked and amazed as I was last night.

Cirque Berserk is showing at the Wycombe Swan until Wednesday. Tickets are £23, available online at or by calling the ticket office on 01494 512 000.