Performers from a girl’s school in Beaconsfield have been rehearsing non-stop as they prepare to take to the stage for a national competition today (Monday).

Beaconsfield High School, in Wattleton Road, put their name down on the bill of the Rock Challenge performing arts competition in Portsmouth for the first time this year, with 50 performers and 36 stage crew set to take part.

And, the large group are hoping to impress judges and wow the crowds with their dance and drama show.

Rock Challenge 2015 is an enterprise which attempts to encourage young people to achieve a “natural high” through life, rather than through the use of tobacco, alcohol and other substances.

Schools and performing arts groups from across the UK take part in the competition every year, but Beaconsfield High School will aim to scoop a number of awards at their first attempt.

Children and teachers across the school will be involved, with musicians, drama students and dancers all under the spotlight, and technology students and artists have all been involved in making their own set.

Their evening performance will be held at the Portsmouth Guildhall today.