THE chairman of Platts motor company has slammed the latest planning application for Marlow's Waitrose site as unacceptable'.

The garage on the corner of West Street and Oxford Street is at the heart of applications for the site as it would either need to be relocated or would be significantly affected by any development.

After all six of Waitrose's applications to expand its store were rejected on January 24, Thames Property Solutions Ltd submitted its alternative plans for the site. This would see the site developed into housing, shops, restaurants and a food store.

But chairman Jim Platt has said he will oppose the new plan, which fails to offer the garage a new business site. He said: "Basically it would appear from their proposal that they in essence want to take over our property which we would be very opposed to.

"We had an informal discussion with Thames Property and what we had said was we would only support their plan if they could propose an alternative site for us, otherwise there is no way we would support it. We haven't been offered anything by anybody.

"We find both applications unacceptable, but the latest one is even less acceptable than the first."

Waitrose was forced to remove Platts garage from its development plans after a long-term search to relocate the garage failed to find an appropriate town centre site.

Barbara Richardson, managing director of Thames Property Solutions who sees herself as a promoter of the rights of small businesses, said: "We have only submitted an outline planning application at this stage but we have sent notice to all businesses affected. We need to help Jim find a sensible alternative business location through conversation and negotiation."