A POSTMASTER has hit out at a Conservative election leaflet which claims there is a parking problem outside his business.

David Wilkins, 50, couldn't believe his eyes when he picked up the leaflet for two prospective Wycombe District councillors, to see parking at his post office listed as a "problem".

The pamphlet says that due to nearby post office closures, more customers are travelling to Micklefield Post Office and parking inconsiderately - as well as obstructing traffic.

Mr Wilkins, who has run the post office in Mickle field Road for more than 20 years, blasted the literature and said the outside forecourt remained largely empty during open hours.

He said: "It does get busy sometimes, but if it is not busy I will be out of business. The whole community benefits from the post office being here.

"People come here because they can park and the parking here is far superior to any other post office in Wycombe I think."

Keith Hill, 46, who runs a butcher's shop on the same parade of shops, said: "It is very unfair. If people have a problem they should come and tell us instead of pushing it through hundreds of doors."

The same leaflet has come under fire for claims that Conservatives supported the bid to save Micklefield library.

Critics, including library trustees, say the majority of support came from the ward's Labour councillors and accused the Tories of jumping on the bandwagon.

The library was recently taken over from Bucks County Council by Micklefield Matters Ltd, a group of local trustees including Labour county councillor Julia Wassell.

The closure plan was itself proposed by the county council, which is Conservative controlled.

Cllr Wassell, who is secretary of Micklefield Matters, said the Tories had given some support, but this had been dwarfed by Labour's efforts.

Joy Langley, 47, also a member of Micklefield Matters, added: "The main bulk of the help has been coming from Labour councillors."

Julie Pritchard, 41, one of the prospective Tory councillors for Micklefield, insisted some post office customers were parking inconsiderately in Micklefield Road.

She said: "We want to make sure who is going there is going to be safe whether they are pedestrian or whether they are getting on a bus or using their car."

Cllr Lesley Clarke (Con, Abbey) said it was the Tories who advised the library trustees to set up a limited company. She said the district council had given them sums of money to help stay open, including £750 this year. She added that two Tory councillors had handed the library cheques from their own funds.

She said: "We do see it as a facility to keep going through hell and high water."