MP Steve Baker’s campaign to leave the European Union focused on High Wycombe at the weekend as he spoke to constituents ahead of a planned national referendum.

The Conservative MP for Wycombe was joined by Tory councillors and Ukip “activists” in the town centre as they spoke to residents about the Vote Leave campaign.

Mr Baker was one of the founder members of the group and has been challenging the government and Prime Minister David Cameron over the future of the EU in recent months.

He said: “On Saturday, we had 32 stalls across the country and this was our first in Wycombe.

“I was delighted to find support from both Liberal and Labour voters on the day.

“Of course this is a referendum and the public will decide whether we remain in the EU or leave the EU, but I’ve made my view clear that the favourable choice is to take back control by leaving the European Union.”

As well as speaking to residents, he also talked to councillors including WDC deputy leader, Cllr Dominic Barnes, about why they thought it was important to vote to leave the EU.

Mr Baker added: “We had pages of people signed up to join as new members.”

Others who joined the town centre campaign included former Ukip councillor, Brian Mapletoft, Cllr Maz Hussain, Cllr Harry Bull and Cllr Matthew Davy.