Explicit and offensive graffiti was sprayed across the window of a village estate agents this weekend.

The obscene message, which has now been washed off, was scrawled on the front of The Frost Partnership office in Flackwell Heath.

It is understood that the vacant estate agents in Swains Lane was targeted on Saturday.

‘LDL’ was written across the window, but it is not yet clear if the message refers to the EDL march which was taking place in High Wycombe just a couple of miles away on the day.

A shop worker in the village said she thought the graffiti was linked to Saturday's protest.

She said: “This is the first time I have ever seen any graffiti like this in Flackwell Heath.

“I was really shocked when I saw it. I think it was meant to say EDL but they got the letters all wrong.

“Luckily it was cleaned off this morning pretty rapidly.”

A shop assistant at another store nearby said she was worried that the graffiti could be seen by children, with a school just yards away from the empty premises.

She said: “I couldn’t really read it, but I did see the bad language and didn’t really understand what it was. It wasn’t all readable but it was definitely bad language, which is not good.  

“I am glad to see it gone, there is a school just over the road and children could have seen it.”  

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