Worried residents at the “epicentre” of two different potential housing developments by two different councils are calling for others to join their campaign to ‘save’ their village.

Residents in Parsons Walk, Holmer Green, are rallying together to fight against plans to build new housing estates on land surrounding their cul-de-sac.

Their small road backs onto Tralee Farm, which Wycombe District Council’s draft local plan says could be taken out of the green belt to make way for 240 to 320 homes.

Meanwhile land on the other side of the road, Skimmers Orchard - which comes under Chiltern District Council - is also being considered as a proposed development site in their own local plan. 

Charlie Daniels, who lives in Parsons Walk, fears the “beautiful and special” village she moved to for a “quiet life” will merge into High Wycombe if the plans are given the green light and is now calling on others to join their ‘Save Holmer Green and Hazlemere’ campaign group.

She said: “I moved here three years ago and there are lovely, wonderful, supportive people here in our micro-community and suddenly our world has been turned upside down.

“This development will irrevocably join Hazlemere to Holmer Green forever and probably even High Wycombe.”

The campaign group has already leafleted 3,000 houses and is urging residents to object to the plans because of the impact they could have on traffic, doctor surgeries and schools.

Ms Daniels added: “There will be massive strain on health, we have no A&E nearby, there are not enough school places. They think they have answered the infrastructure problems already but all they are doing is putting sticking plasters over the real problems.”

Katherine Gates, whose 92-year-old mother lives in Parsons Walk, says the plans are “crazy” because “we cannot cope with what we have already.”

She said: “My concern is that the roads will not cope with this. The road isn’t adequate, Hazlemere is always at standstill. Just getting backwards and forwards between here and Hazlemere, I sometimes feel I would be quicker if I walked.

“If we start letting people use green belt land it will open the flood gates for people with little parcels of land to flog it for housing. I fear we are going to become like a London borough.”

Sam Jephcote, who also lives in Parsons Walk, has called on WDC to “join up their thinking” with CDC and extend the deadline for comments on their local plan from August 8 until November.

She said: “Both proposals should be seen together. Ultimately we are right slap bang in the middle of it.”

Ms Daniels added: “People will be on holiday when the August deadline comes. Join up with Chiltern and have the same deadline as them. We need enough time to get people together outside of the school holidays to fight this.”

A spokesman for Chiltern District Council said Skimmers Orchard is only being considered as one of a “number of potential options” and reassured residents that infrastructure issues will be taken into account.

She said: “Chiltern District Council is undertaking a joint Local Plan with South Bucks District Council and carried out an Issues and Options consultation earlier this year.

“The Councils expect to publish their preferred options for further consultation in October with a likely consultation period running from 31st October to 12th December 2016.

“The Councils are working closely with Wycombe District Council under a Duty to Co-operate and if a development is to proceed in either or both plan areas will ensure that development is co-ordinated or wider issues such as infrastructure implications are taken into account.”