As brothers have you ever fallen out while working together?

Ha. Yes.. It's pretty crazy being twins. We know exactly which buttons to press. But those same buttons make us connect musically I guess

Describe your favourite festival to play and why?

Love loads so it's so hard to choose. Favourite one last year in the UK was Boomtown. The creativity/grass roots connection to what's actually going on meant everyone there knew everyone, from friends to people in bands.. Unlike if you book big radio acts, etc. then you get fans who don't know each other but know the music. So there's a dislocation between people - and people stay in their groups. I would put Shambala in that group too for its awesomeness

Is there a musician who inspired you to become a musician?

Loved Pink Floyd, Supertramp for their epicness, chords, etc.. Bootsy Collins, Clyde Stubblefield (the JB’s) but probably Massive Attack made it feel more possible - being from Bristol too. We were jamming similar stuff at home thinking no one's gonna like this mellow stuff - compared to harder club music. Then trip hop came along- and we weren’t the only ones. We were more like trip funk I guess a bit like Fila Brazillia. (Steve Cobby)

Describe each other’s styles/say what they bring to the party?

Ned's into chords, strings, Floyd. Im more into beats and basslines, grooves. But also how it connects. Ben is all progressive house - moog basslines. More clubby vibes. And bit of rock from Guitars, brings some vitality..

How do you write your music… does it start from sound or an emotion?

Starts from a sound usually. Or a jam. Emotions are tied up in it, but you don't see that till after. And at the end of the day it has to have a vibe. It's about the audience, not the creator. Or we like to think. A lot of it used to come from jamming in front of my 8mm or 16mm films made to project at gigs in the early days. (A bit like the Velvets at the Factory (maybe that's why Lou Reed liked us (yes, he did! that was amazing).. were still projecting video triggers - and will do at the gig.

Have you ever consciously tried to write a chart-topping hit?

Ha, ha. We almost didn't - in our commercial nose dive instincts, but still it was a hit! (David Guetta obviously). We co wrote For Lovers with Wolfman and Pete Doherty - that was no.7. New Horizons Ep out with Greg Hunter out (at this gig) is verrrry uncommercial, but we love it.

What have you learnt most about being a musician?

Riding the wave of grooviness creates grooviness in everyone else. Whatever feeling you create, others will feel if you communicate it clearly. So it’s a big responsibility - as long as it resonates with them. Also at the end of the day you’re doing it for yourself really. You have to like it, because you’re stuck with it! We have met many amazing people through music – feel really lucky to be able to do this.

When you were starting out what kind of jobs did you do to make ends meet?

Building site - for £15 a day! Paper round (three Mars bars)

Can you tell me some background information about yourself – what’s your hometown like that you grew up in?

Grew up in Hotwells in Bristol, it was fluffy and innocent. Saw no world of liars, violence, or conmen till much older, I think our music has that innocence in some ways. Were not exactly rebelling against oppression or something. That's a reality for a lot of people and their music says that. Ours doesn't I guess.

How long have you been on your musical journey and where did it start?

Started at about 15 when we got a piano. Ned became much better, and Ii made a drumkit out of baking trays and saucepan lids. A pedal with one rubber band. (only worked once in every song), then bands in Oxford; 'The Cornflower Concept' and 'The Circle'. Then then The Egg grew from that. The journey is still continuing:

We've met some amazing people recently and its great they pick up on something we felt too. People we never thought we would: Youth (Killing Joke, Pink Floyd producer), Greg Hunter (The Orb, Fluffy Clouds etc) and John Monkman (deep house collaborations with Pete Tong). were writing new tunes with Robin Twelftree with whom we did last album 'something to do' with. So the spectrum is widening nicely. Exciting times ahead!

What has changed since and how has it altered the way you work/tour/live?

Having a hit and touring the world changed us. USA in particular. We realised that there's people just like us all over the world and their pretty similar in their ethics. Still make music, but it,s good to know there,s people out there who 'get it'.

Where do you like to ‘hang out’ where you live now and why?

Ned's in Notting hill, I'm in Bristol but also London a lot. Erm. Bristol: Canteen, the Grain Barge. London: Passing Clouds in Dalston (sigh, hope it returns). Love Styx in Tottenham.

How old are you now?

15 in mental years

What music did your parents listen to when you were growing up and has this affected your style or inspired your music?

They listened to loads of hippy bands. Like Little Feat', Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits. and from our older sister: Led Zep, Supertramp etc. Abbey Road, the Goons (our dad's favourite)

Did you have any musical instruments growing up at home?

Piano and baking tins. A rubber band and some wood.

Who were your music teachers and did they have any influence on your style?

One day my mum said to me ' .. whatever' you can have lessons in what YOU want to do for a year. It was a toss up between karate and drum lessons. Erm.. Doh. karate?! Ned keyboards/ guitar etc- made a big difference- I learnt Ghostbusters on drums first..(sheet music) - yes it exists.

Which came first. the chicken or The Egg?

Lizards and reptiles were around millions of years before chickens, and they laid eggs. I think that’s solved that one!

Dazzling Mojitos Indoor Music Festival

The Forge will be serving Cuban street food whilst Dazzling Mojitos will bring the mint. Headlining will be The Egg, a British electronic dance music band, consisting of Ned Scott (keyboards), Maff Scott (drums), Paul Marshall (bass) and Matt White (lead guitar).

Founded in the early 1990s in Oxford, the Egg released their first album, the EP Shopping in 1995, plus Mirror Signal, Dishy Tangent, George Frakes, Rhiannon Sharkey, Planet 9 and TimeBurn.

The day begins at 2pm and the live music will supported by eclectic President DJ Timothy Britten.

The Forge, 3-7 Delancey Street, Camden, NW1 7NL, Sunday December 11, 2pm until 10.30pm. Details:

Horizons EP, by The Egg and Greg Hunter