A campaign has been launched to save a “quintessential British boozer” in Marlow from becoming a gastropub.

The petition to “save” the Grade II listed O’Donoghues on Spittal Street was launched after plans to turn it into a gastropub called the Butcher’s Hook were given the green light by Wycombe District Council.

Although representatives for celebrity chef, Tom Kerridge, have refused to comment, it is widely believed that he is behind the revamp of the popular sports bar.

As part of the works, the staircase and bar will be relocated in the new pub, with display units added underneath as “the food and drink available to eat at the public house will also be able to be purchased and taken home.”

Emma Hazell, who created the petition, said O’Donoghues is a “true community pub” in the heart of the town and should be kept as it is.

She said: “It's the only pub in the town that doesn't serve food, that shows a wide array of sports and appeals to a variety of (adult) ages.

“We think the proposed plans will remove the community aspect of the pub, and transform it into a gastropub like the others we have in the area.

“Currently, it is a quintessential British boozer that is a favourite, not just amongst locals, but also the friends we have brought here.”

Ms Hazell also says that the pub’s regular patrons are “saddened and disappointed” at the plans to change “what makes our pub so special.”

She added: “We understand that the pub needs to make profit, but surely there is a way to still make a profit whilst keeping the character, clientele and true essence of our local pub.”

The petition has so far reached 260 signatures out of 300 needed before it will be sent to pub retailer and brewer Greene King.

A commenter known only as Anna M said: “Whilst I love Tom Kerridge, and it's a good thing he is taking the property over to save yet another coffee shop opening, the town is in danger of being completely pigeon holed by the same old, same old. He has two gastric delights, save this as a pub.”

Another said: “There are so few community pubs left. O'Donoghues was my favourite pub in Marlow, I shall miss it.”

As well as new windows and black and white floor tiles in the Butcher’s Hook, a covered outdoor area to the side of the pub will also be filled in to make the pub bigger, with new double doors added and extra toilets created upstairs.

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