Pictures have emerged after a cat that was stuck on a roof for two days was rescued by firefighters.

Betty the cat was stuck on the chimney stack of a house in Wooburn Moor on March 4.

The cat's worried owner contacted the RSPCA after unsuccessfully trying to encourage her down from the house in Whitehouse Lane. 

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Kate Wright, who attended the rescue, said: “Betty was very much stuck up there and the only way we could get her down safely was with the assistance of a fire crew.

“Due to the decorative design of the apex of the roof, they could not use a ladder so it was decided that an aerial platform needed to be used.

“Once she was safely down, she was very scared and needed to warm up and calm down. I put her into her basket and reunited her with her very relieved owner. It was a very good outcome. I think Betty has probably used up one of her nine lives but luckily she was unharmed by her adventure.

“She probably went up there to get closer to some birds - but she probably won’t be doing that again.”