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The man accused of murdering a young Polish mother with cling film in a kebab shop threatened to kill himself – saying he would die if they were not together – weeks before her death, a jury heard yesterday (Monday).

The court was previously told how Ahsan "Ali" Hassan carried Zofia Sadowska's "limp and completely floppy" body out of Dennis’s Kebab Shop in Gayhurst Road, Micklefield, and into a taxi after he had become consumed with jealousy.

Jurors were told Hassan admitted manslaughter by killing the mother-of-one in what he described as part of a lovers' suicide pact, but he denied a charge of murder.

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Prosecuting Alan Blake yesterday read out a series of Facebook messages sent by the mother-of-one to her friend Anna Zawlocka, who read her replies to the jury from the witness stand, describing how Hassan's infatuation grew.

"I am scared when (sic) he said I have only two options, always be with me or die and that I have to decide or this would happen," Mr Blake read.

She replied: "Oh dear it's terrible that he has to say something like that today. Are you sure that you want to be with him?

Mr Blake continued to read the victims messages and said: "He is not going to change in his head, he's obsessed. He should not give a s*** about me if he's going to be so rude. He can act like a mad man."

"This breaks me that he could hurt himself or kill himself without me," Zofia later told her friend.

"Who would like to be with someone with that you says that stuff?"

Bucks Free Press:

Reading Crown Court heard how Hassan described the 20-year-old leaflet-distributor, who was originally from Warsaw, Poland, as "his whole life" and that he had bragged about her leaving her boyfriend and three-year-old child to be with him instead.

"He says that 'she is his whole life'. Is that something that you heard him say?" Mr Blake asked Ms Zawlocka.

"I did hear him saying that to me that 'she means everything to me', absolutely," she said. "He came to my house once but I can't remember the exact date. That was before they had a break.

"He was telling me how it would be when they had a break. He said she's his whole life. He was crying and a bit emotional about it all."

She added: "He told me that she had a child and a partner, because I didn't know about that, and that she's supposed to be moving out soon so they can be together."

"Who told you that?" Mr Blake asked. She answered: "Ali."

The jury were also told that Hassan, aged 28 years, who Ms Zawlocka described as once being a "caring" and "fun" person, threatened to unleash his inner demons upon those around him if he didn't get his way with the 20-year-old.

"He said something that scared me a lot," Ms Zawlocka added. "He said that I knew him as a good guy but I didn't know his other side when he's a bad guy and I can't even imagine what he can do."

Hassan denies one charge of murder while Usman Ansar denies one count of perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.